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7 Day Slim Down – Day 2

24 Oct

No run today, although I did go to my boot camp class. I have a 5:30 a.m. boot camp class that meets 5 days a week. I didn’t go yesterday because it is so very hard to make myself get out of bed early enough to get there. I never regret it when I do, but my brain is super lazy at 5:10 in the morning. I thought about skipping this morning, like I always think, but once I got up I was glad to be moving and getting my workout out of the way. There’s nothing so awesome as having completed a challenging workout before the sun comes up!

Today was Day 2 of the 7 Day Slim Down. And it was much harder for some reason. I had visions of mashed potatoes dancing through my head all day. I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I love me some carbs! I won’t write out all of my meals because today’s meal plan was very similar to yesterday’s. I subbed in some different veggies at lunch and dinner. I also had a will-power challenge this evening. I go to an evening bible study where we take turns bringing delicious snacks for the group. I ate dinner before I went to try to prevent stuffing my face with crackers and chicken salad. And it worked. But it was pretty hard to say no to the yummy looking sun dried tomato spread and crackers. 

When I got home I was still pretty hungry. The plan allows half a cup of plain greek yogurt as “dessert.” Plain greek yogurt tastes like sour cream to me. In fact, I pretty much use it exclusively as a mayonnaise or sour cream substitute, which makes eating it by the spoon pretty unappetizing. So I mixed in some spices to make a sort of taco dip and had that with some raw broccoli. It definitely hit the spot. I am still struggling with hunger, but I have felt so light and fresh all day long, that I want to keep eating this way. 

My friend who was doing the plan with me is still complaining of headaches. I think she is about to quit on me. She thinks it is unsafe to be eating so few calories. The plan tells you not to count calories, but of course, I logged the calories in my My Plate app just to see what the total was. It comes out to around 1000. Probably closer to 1200 with the greek yogurt. 1200 is the magic number most nutritionists tell you not to go below. But, this restricted calorie intake is only for 7 days (5 for us), so I don’t really see a problem with limiting calorie intake for a short period of time. I’m looking forward to seeing how I feel after Day 5.  


“Easy” 3 Miles – Minus the Sarcasm

24 Oct

So today I went on my three mile loop, and honestly? Three miles is starting to feel easier at least. It is getting dark so early now, though! This is the perfect weather for jogging. Of course, here in the south I am still in shorts and a tank top. It is that wonderful time of year between the oppressive heat and the bitter cold. (Ok. So it’s only bitter cold for about a month here. But still.) 

Today started DAY 1 of the Tone it Up 7 Day Slim Down. Mine will really only be 5 days, though, because there is no way I can keep this up on a football weekend! The Tone it Up plan is really about a lifestyle change more than a diet. (Diet’s are so 90s. Now the proper terminology is “lifestyle change.”) The plan is very feasible. Basically, you limit your starches and dairy and load up on protein and veggies. The 7 Day Slim Down is the Tone it Up girls’ plan to get ready for an event. I’m not getting ready for anything in particular. Instead, I am using it as a jump start to sort of detox my body of artificial sweeteners and processed foods. The plan is very specific and takes the guess work out of eating healthy.

SO. Day 1. Here is what I ate:

Breakfast – egg white scramble

Snack – piece of fruit

Lunch – Leafy green salad + balsamic vinegar and protein

Afternoon Snack – Hummus and Veggies

Dinner – Tofu and some leftover vegetable soup I made a few days ago

I’m not going to lie. I was pretty hungry between meals. I think, though, that this is mostly because I feel weird snacking at work. I used my afternoon snack as an early dinner while I cooked my dinner. I will say, though, that I feel much lighter. My friend is doing the plan with me, and she has complained of having massive headaches, but I haven’t experienced any negative side affects, other than plain old hunger. The meals were delicious and I feel good about finishing out the week!

5 Miles . . . Sort Of?

21 Oct

So I went 5 miles. But not all of them were running. I did not have my trusty iphone with me so I was guessing as to the mileage. When I thought I had surely gone 5 miles, I stopped and walked the rest of the way home. I google mapped it to find out that I had only gone 4.5. So, while 4.5 is not what I set out to do, it is still the farthest I have run, ever. Which is pretty exciting. My ankles were getting pretty twingy towards the end, but I didn’t have any residual soreness, so I guess that is okay? Here is a sweaty phone pic of me and Henry post-run.

You’re welcome! For that.

In other news, I am starting Tone It Up’s 7-day slim down tomorrow. I have not done it before, so I’m a little nervous. My friend is getting married this summer, so we are doing the Tone It Up plan together and kicking off with the slim down. (Also, I could stand to lose a few lbs to get back down to fighting weight!) Major grocery trip today.

Here is a peek at the massive neon poster I made myself so that I can take the guess-work out of my meals for the next week.

As you can see, water will be very important for the coming week. Wish me luck!

My Running Partner

20 Oct

Two posts in one day! To make up for the whole week when I didn’t post anything. I thought I would write about my running partner — Henry.

(Side note: I just now learned how to get photos from my cell phone onto my computer. Technology is hard.)

Henry is my post-breakup I-need-love rescue dog. I’ve had him for 2.5 months now, and he is perfect. I actually spent a really long time searching for the perfect dog, which turned out to be much harder than I thought it would be. I spent hours and hours scouring and inquiring about dogs, only to be turned down by rescue agencies. Mostly because I do not have a fenced in yard. Occasionally I was told that the potential dog needed to go to a family with someone who didn’t work, or who already had a dog. Finally, my old roommate got Henry from her local shelter to foster over the weekend, thought he would be perfect for me, and drove four hours to bring him to me. I’ve had him ever since. (I did fill out the required paperwork, in case you are worried that my roommate stole him for me.)

I don’t know much about Henry’s background before coming to me. The shelter found him roaming the streets. They believe he is a black lab/setter mix, and that he is about three years old. About a week after I got him, I took him to the vet, and then a doggy eye-doctor and found out that he has glaucoma. So he gets special eye drops twice a day that he patiently endures. Here are some things that make Henry awesome:

1. He is super smart. I’ve been teaching him tricks. He knows “shake,” “paw” (left-handed shake), “beg,” and “roll over.” He’s pretty much awesome. I am working up to “bring me a beer,” so far he is not a fan of holding cans in his mouth.

2. He is aggressively affectionate. He will force his nose under my arm, and if I let him on the bed, he forces me to be the big spoon. Also, if I kneel down in front of him he puts his paws on my shoulders and hugs me like a human.

3. He’s super cool around other people, dogs, cats, and dead birds. (We’ve come across two so far on our walks and he doesn’t even seem to notice them. It could be due to the partial loss of vision in his glaucoma eye.)

4. He is a great running partner. He doesn’t pull on the leash, and when I let him off of his leash (never near any streets) he stays right by me the whole time.

“Easy” Three Mile Run

19 Oct

One of the things that has always amused me about running blogs is how the hardcore runners will say things like “Oh, I just went out for an easy five mile run.” As someone who has never even attempted five miles (but will have by Sunday), I can’t even contemplate having an easy time running five miles. So, with that said, I ran three miles today, and it wasn’t easy.

Henry accidentally tries to kill me at least once per run. Today it was because he was paying attention to a biker and ran right into my legs, which tripped me and caused me to almost fall down. I have not actually fallen down yet, but I know the day is coming. And when it does it will be sooo embarrassing because my little running trail can get pretty populated.

This was the second time I’ve run this particular loop and I like it a lot. Mostly because I don’t ever have to turn around. By the time I get to where I would turn around and go back, it’s easier just to keep going forward (yay inertia). I’ve decided to attempt a five miler on Sunday. It will be my usual loop plus the two mile walk I did Tuesday, except this time I will run instead of walk. If I pull this off it will be the farthest I have ever run. Ever. So…wish me luck!

New Shoes — They Are Awesome!

16 Oct

I finally broke down and bought new running shoes. I hate shoe shopping, but I really needed new tennies. Apparently if you are running regularly you are supposed to get new shoes every six months? Mine were going on two years. When I went to the Warrior Dash two weeks ago, everyone in my group kept talking about how my shoes would be ruined and I needed to wear old shoes that I could donate. Instead, I threw them in the washing machine after and they came out shiny and good-as-two-years-old! BUT now that I have decided to become a runner, I decided it was time to pony up for new kicks.

So I went to the running shoe store wearing my old shoes, took one of them off, handed it to the salesman and said, “I need this, except newer.” They didn’t have my size and tried to bring me the size above and below. So I said, “I need a shoe like this, in an 8.” The sales person brought out a shoe, I put them on, walked in a circle, and said, “works for me!” My old shoes were Brooks. These are Sauconys. I took them out for a test three-mile run and they felt fabulous. My two-year-old shoes would make my ankle kind of twingy after mile two, but I could have run for miles and miles in these new ones. And I will. Eventually. In fact, I had to go to a meeting after my run, and I decided to walk to the meeting rather than drive, so I got an extra two miles walking after my run.

Also, during that run, I discovered a new three-mile loop! So yay! A three mile loop that can become a five-mile loop when I am bold enough and rested enough to give it a try. Which will be Sunday, I’ve decided.

Second Try = Success!

10 Oct

After my disappointing faux four-miler, I decided to try again. Yesterday I took my phone with me so that I could use the RunKeeper app to record my milage. Unfortunately my audio book had not synced to my phone, so I also had my ipod with me. It was a lot of technology for one little run. I leashed up this guy . . .


. . . and headed out. And it wasn’t that bad! I started checking my phone more often around mile 3.5, but I had a really good attitude setting out and I felt very accomplished when I finished. My final time for 4.04 miles was 42:27. Which is about what I expected. I think I can do this training thing! I think tomorrow will be a rest day and I will get back out there Thursday!