Signing Up For a Half Marathon?

9 Oct

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I am flirting with the idea of signing up for a half marathon in February. A few of my workout buddies have signed up, and I have read (when I googled “how to make yourself love running”) that signing up for a race is a good way to motivate yourself.

Here is what is holding me back from fully committing:

1. The suggested training schedule on the half marathon’s website started two weeks ago, which means I am already behind.

2. The website suggests that you have a “base” of running 5-10 miles per week and 2-4 miles at a time.  I can definitely jog 2 miles, but they are by no means easy.

3. Three years ago I attempted to train for this same half marathon with a boy I was dating at the time. We started with Couch25K, but when we got past that and into the half training I had so much trouble going more than three miles. I hated every second of trying, and ultimately gave up the training.

Here is why those things may not matter:

1. While I did not go any further in my training three years ago, I did not give up on jogging for fun.

2. Three years ago I was half-hearted about the idea of training for a half marathon. Since that time I have read hundreds of blog entries about running and made friends with many more runners and I am way more motivated to join the club. Basically, I want it more!

3. I have way more of a base fitness level than I did back then. I do a “bootcamp” style exercise class five days a week that includes cardio and strength training.

4. I have this blog to keep me accountable!

My current plan:

I am going to secretly (as secret as frequent updates to the world wide web can be) train for this half marathon. I will use the suggested training schedule and see how I feel about things around December. Ok! I’m ready!


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