New Shoes — They Are Awesome!

16 Oct

I finally broke down and bought new running shoes. I hate shoe shopping, but I really needed new tennies. Apparently if you are running regularly you are supposed to get new shoes every six months? Mine were going on two years. When I went to the Warrior Dash two weeks ago, everyone in my group kept talking about how my shoes would be ruined and I needed to wear old shoes that I could donate. Instead, I threw them in the washing machine after and they came out shiny and good-as-two-years-old! BUT now that I have decided to become a runner, I decided it was time to pony up for new kicks.

So I went to the running shoe store wearing my old shoes, took one of them off, handed it to the salesman and said, “I need this, except newer.” They didn’t have my size and tried to bring me the size above and below. So I said, “I need a shoe like this, in an 8.” The sales person brought out a shoe, I put them on, walked in a circle, and said, “works for me!” My old shoes were Brooks. These are Sauconys. I took them out for a test three-mile run and they felt fabulous. My two-year-old shoes would make my ankle kind of twingy after mile two, but I could have run for miles and miles in these new ones. And I will. Eventually. In fact, I had to go to a meeting after my run, and I decided to walk to the meeting rather than drive, so I got an extra two miles walking after my run.

Also, during that run, I discovered a new three-mile loop! So yay! A three mile loop that can become a five-mile loop when I am bold enough and rested enough to give it a try. Which will be Sunday, I’ve decided.


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