My Running Partner

20 Oct

Two posts in one day! To make up for the whole week when I didn’t post anything. I thought I would write about my running partner — Henry.

(Side note: I just now learned how to get photos from my cell phone onto my computer. Technology is hard.)

Henry is my post-breakup I-need-love rescue dog. I’ve had him for 2.5 months now, and he is perfect. I actually spent a really long time searching for the perfect dog, which turned out to be much harder than I thought it would be. I spent hours and hours scouring and inquiring about dogs, only to be turned down by rescue agencies. Mostly because I do not have a fenced in yard. Occasionally I was told that the potential dog needed to go to a family with someone who didn’t work, or who already had a dog. Finally, my old roommate got Henry from her local shelter to foster over the weekend, thought he would be perfect for me, and drove four hours to bring him to me. I’ve had him ever since. (I did fill out the required paperwork, in case you are worried that my roommate stole him for me.)

I don’t know much about Henry’s background before coming to me. The shelter found him roaming the streets. They believe he is a black lab/setter mix, and that he is about three years old. About a week after I got him, I took him to the vet, and then a doggy eye-doctor and found out that he has glaucoma. So he gets special eye drops twice a day that he patiently endures. Here are some things that make Henry awesome:

1. He is super smart. I’ve been teaching him tricks. He knows “shake,” “paw” (left-handed shake), “beg,” and “roll over.” He’s pretty much awesome. I am working up to “bring me a beer,” so far he is not a fan of holding cans in his mouth.

2. He is aggressively affectionate. He will force his nose under my arm, and if I let him on the bed, he forces me to be the big spoon. Also, if I kneel down in front of him he puts his paws on my shoulders and hugs me like a human.

3. He’s super cool around other people, dogs, cats, and dead birds. (We’ve come across two so far on our walks and he doesn’t even seem to notice them. It could be due to the partial loss of vision in his glaucoma eye.)

4. He is a great running partner. He doesn’t pull on the leash, and when I let him off of his leash (never near any streets) he stays right by me the whole time.


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