5 Miles . . . Sort Of?

21 Oct

So I went 5 miles. But not all of them were running. I did not have my trusty iphone with me so I was guessing as to the mileage. When I thought I had surely gone 5 miles, I stopped and walked the rest of the way home. I google mapped it to find out that I had only gone 4.5. So, while 4.5 is not what I set out to do, it is still the farthest I have run, ever. Which is pretty exciting. My ankles were getting pretty twingy towards the end, but I didn’t have any residual soreness, so I guess that is okay? Here is a sweaty phone pic of me and Henry post-run.

You’re welcome! For that.

In other news, I am starting Tone It Up’s 7-day slim down tomorrow. I have not done it before, so I’m a little nervous. My friend is getting married this summer, so we are doing the Tone It Up plan together and kicking off with the slim down. (Also, I could stand to lose a few lbs to get back down to fighting weight!) Major grocery trip today.

Here is a peek at the massive neon poster I made myself so that I can take the guess-work out of my meals for the next week.

As you can see, water will be very important for the coming week. Wish me luck!


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