7 Day Slim Down – Day 2

24 Oct

No run today, although I did go to my boot camp class. I have a 5:30 a.m. boot camp class that meets 5 days a week. I didn’t go yesterday because it is so very hard to make myself get out of bed early enough to get there. I never regret it when I do, but my brain is super lazy at 5:10 in the morning. I thought about skipping this morning, like I always think, but once I got up I was glad to be moving and getting my workout out of the way. There’s nothing so awesome as having completed a challenging workout before the sun comes up!

Today was Day 2 of the 7 Day Slim Down. And it was much harder for some reason. I had visions of mashed potatoes dancing through my head all day. I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I love me some carbs! I won’t write out all of my meals because today’s meal plan was very similar to yesterday’s. I subbed in some different veggies at lunch and dinner. I also had a will-power challenge this evening. I go to an evening bible study where we take turns bringing delicious snacks for the group. I ate dinner before I went to try to prevent stuffing my face with crackers and chicken salad. And it worked. But it was pretty hard to say no to the yummy looking sun dried tomato spread and crackers. 

When I got home I was still pretty hungry. The plan allows half a cup of plain greek yogurt as “dessert.” Plain greek yogurt tastes like sour cream to me. In fact, I pretty much use it exclusively as a mayonnaise or sour cream substitute, which makes eating it by the spoon pretty unappetizing. So I mixed in some spices to make a sort of taco dip and had that with some raw broccoli. It definitely hit the spot. I am still struggling with hunger, but I have felt so light and fresh all day long, that I want to keep eating this way. 

My friend who was doing the plan with me is still complaining of headaches. I think she is about to quit on me. She thinks it is unsafe to be eating so few calories. The plan tells you not to count calories, but of course, I logged the calories in my My Plate app just to see what the total was. It comes out to around 1000. Probably closer to 1200 with the greek yogurt. 1200 is the magic number most nutritionists tell you not to go below. But, this restricted calorie intake is only for 7 days (5 for us), so I don’t really see a problem with limiting calorie intake for a short period of time. I’m looking forward to seeing how I feel after Day 5.  


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