“Easy” 3 Miles – Minus the Sarcasm

24 Oct

So today I went on my three mile loop, and honestly? Three miles is starting to feel easier at least. It is getting dark so early now, though! This is the perfect weather for jogging. Of course, here in the south I am still in shorts and a tank top. It is that wonderful time of year between the oppressive heat and the bitter cold. (Ok. So it’s only bitter cold for about a month here. But still.) 

Today started DAY 1 of the Tone it Up 7 Day Slim Down. Mine will really only be 5 days, though, because there is no way I can keep this up on a football weekend! The Tone it Up plan is really about a lifestyle change more than a diet. (Diet’s are so 90s. Now the proper terminology is “lifestyle change.”) The plan is very feasible. Basically, you limit your starches and dairy and load up on protein and veggies. The 7 Day Slim Down is the Tone it Up girls’ plan to get ready for an event. I’m not getting ready for anything in particular. Instead, I am using it as a jump start to sort of detox my body of artificial sweeteners and processed foods. The plan is very specific and takes the guess work out of eating healthy.

SO. Day 1. Here is what I ate:

Breakfast – egg white scramble

Snack – piece of fruit

Lunch – Leafy green salad + balsamic vinegar and protein

Afternoon Snack – Hummus and Veggies

Dinner – Tofu and some leftover vegetable soup I made a few days ago

I’m not going to lie. I was pretty hungry between meals. I think, though, that this is mostly because I feel weird snacking at work. I used my afternoon snack as an early dinner while I cooked my dinner. I will say, though, that I feel much lighter. My friend is doing the plan with me, and she has complained of having massive headaches, but I haven’t experienced any negative side affects, other than plain old hunger. The meals were delicious and I feel good about finishing out the week!


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