7 Day Slim Down — Days 3 and 4

5 Nov

I felt much lighter these days. I was still dealing with being very hungry. I’ve come to accept and love plain old balsamic vinegar as a salad dressing. I was going to sub in my go-t0 fall meal of Campbell’s tomato soup as my dinner, but when I checked the label I saw that high fructose corn syrup was listed as the second ingredient. Also the sodium content was very high, so I nixed that idea and made shrimp with vegetables. My final weigh in after four days on the slim down was -4 lbs. Awesome! Not awesome? I pretty much went on a carbo binge over the weekend and gained every bit of it back. My hope was that after the slim down I would be able to say no to cravings. Unfortunately, a birthday lunch with a coworker, my bestie’s engagement party, and a Saturday full of tailgating did me in. I am back on track following the more general Tone It Up plan. (Sidenote: my bestie has continued to stay true to the plan and has lost five pounds so far! So proud of her. Also, it was inspiring for me to get back on track!)

As for running, I signed up for the half marathon in town and we had our first training meeting. The meeting got me very pumped up. I think the plan they have for us is so doable. I’ve gotten to where three miles doesn’t seem so daunting. It seems like a normal length. Hopefully before long 5 and 6 miles will feel like a normal distance! The great thing about the group training is that all of the long runs are done as a group. This is awesome for me, because, if you haven’t noticed, I am terrible at mapping out running routes for myself. A plan where I can just show up and follow a pack? Awesome. Our first group run is this coming Sunday. Yay!


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