Another Run Down

7 Nov

When I headed back to work after lunch today the temperature had dropped about ten degrees and things were looking veeeery cloudy. I thought, “Oh no. Not again!” This was supposed to be my second run of the week and I did not want to have to do it in the rain. Lucky for me, by 5:00 the clouds had cleared and I was good to go! Also, I discovered that if I head out right at 5:15 it is still twilight and not so dark and scary. I used to have to share my running trail with lots of walkers, joggers, and cyclists. I think this darkness/coldness has scared everybody off, though, because I was the only one out there today. I like to let Henry off of his leash on the trail, so I certainly didn’t mind. When there are other people around I have to leash him up any time we pass other dogs. My sweet running partner was happy to be able to run at his own pace! Three miles is getting easier and easier. I can’t believe that a few short weeks ago every step after mile two was a mental and physical struggle. This makes me hopeful that upping my milage will not be too hard.

Today’s agenda was to run 3 miles, and I accomplished this no problem. I’ve been using an app called 8tracks and switch back and forth between that and my audio book, “Casual Vacancy,” depending on my mood. I was not a fan of the book for the first several chapters. Things are getting more interesting now that I know the characters a little more. I still feel like nothing really happens, though. I have this thing where I cannot quit a book I’ve started. So I will have to see this one through to the end. A lot of times this works in my favor. I can think of several books where the beginning is slow, but the book gets awesome later on. Sometimes I’m left finishing only a so-so book.

My eating was so unhealthy today. I did a lot of mindless eating. I may have mentioned before, but I hate all breakfast foods. Growing up I ate pizza rolls every morning for breakfast. Every once in awhile I try to get on a normal breakfast kick. But eggs and oatmeal just don’t really excite me. I feel like I’m wasting a meal on something I don’t really like. This week I’ve been eating pasta for breakfast. I looove pasta, and I’ve heard that if you’re going to eat carbs you should do it before 1:00. I make a single serving and mix in some veggies and tomato sauce. I think it’s an awesome way to start the day!

Lunch was a shrimp quesadilla. Yum! But I ate a lot of tortilla chips today. And then mindlessly munched on half a bag of baby carrots dipped in Annie’s Goddess Dressing. So delicious. The real kicker was dinner. I was already pretty close to my calorie limit for the day, but I had a meeting and someone brought chick fil a nuggets for everyone. I don’t even like chicken nuggets, but I was so  hungry that I ate 10 of them. Oh. And there were waffle fries. I cannot resist french fries ever. I got home and felt gross, so I ate a small salad to try to balance things out. Yummy.

I was over my limit by 487 calories. Whoops! And I went over yesterday. All I can do is try to be better tomorrow! I really need to be more mindful of the quantity of food I’m putting into my body. A thirty minute run only burns around 270 calories. Definitely does not make up for all of the chick fil a!

Tomorrow in my bootcamp class we are running a mile first thing. I love when we do the mile! I get to really push my speed without worrying about burning out. This will be our last one for awhile because it is getting colder.


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