So Here’s What I Don’t Know

7 Nov

One of the reasons I signed up for the half marathon training plan that the local college is putting on is because the more I read about competing in a half marathon (Is it fair to call it “competing” when I’m just hoping to finish?), the more questions come up. Running is supposed to be an activity where you can just grab your shoes and head out the door, but things can get a little complicated. Here are some things I hope to learn along the way.

1. How to dress to run in cold weather. I am very much a fair weather runner. I run in late summer/fall and spring/early summer. During the winter months I stay huddled inside where it’s cozy. Most of my training is going to be during the coldest of cold. (And yes, it does get cold here in Alabama. Sometimes in January there are even some snow flurries!) A couple of years ago I asked for some winter running clothes. Sweet Santa, bless his heart, got me a track suit. Like the kind your foot gets stuck in if you put on socks before trying to get the pants on. After swish swishing my way for a few minutes I would end up sweating profusely. This Christmas I need to point Santa towards the sleek black pants and tight fitting hoodies that wick away stuff I see in all of my fitness magazines.

2. Fuel? I have never run far enough to require “fueling.” I hear stories of Gu Chomps and jelly beans and gummy bears. It seems weird to me to eat junk food while running. When do you eat this junk food? How much? How often?

3. Where to go. It took me several weeks to plot out my awesome three mile loop. I am terrible at finding routes, and it takes a lot of work. I don’t know where to go to add on mileage.

4. Where does all of your stuff go on race day? Can I use an ipod? Do I need my wallet?

I’m sure more questions will crop up. These are the things I am worrying about in week one. Luckily I have some time to figure them out.


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