Night Run

8 Nov

This morning’s mile run during boot camp was rooooough. It was so cold! I had to make that crucial jacket/no jacket decision right before the run. We had done a fairly long warm up that made me tired more than it actually succeeded in warming me up. I hate getting hot while running, so I opted to go jacket-less. Probably not a great decision. The wind whipping at my bare arms was super chilly. The two ladies who usually out-run me were not there, so I had a little trouble knowing how to pace myself. (I’m usually just trying not to get left in the dust by them!) I had a pretty substantial lead the whole time, and I tried to push myself on speed. As I rounded the last little corner our bootcamp instructor yelled “If you hurry you can beat your time,” which was the whole point in the first place. I did not have it in me to pick up my pace, but I at least didn’t slow down and I beat my last time by three seconds! Which put me at 7:56. You know, many of the blogs I read are written by people who run entire marathons faster than I was able to run that mile. BUT, that is significantly faster than my three-mile pace, so I will take it. And it’s faster than my mile a month ago. I will take that as well.

Unfortunately, I think that morning mile made my evening run a little harder. It started off fine. My running partner was so happy to have the trail to himself. I tried to take a pic with my phone of Henry being adorable and waiting for me on up the trail. Unfortunately he looks more fearsome and zombie-ish than adorable. I clearly need to work on my mid-run photography!

I started developing a blister somewhere between mile 2 and 2.5 I decided to just walk the last bit home and try not to irritate the blister further. I felt kind of lame walking, and people honked at me as they drove by, but I wanted to prevent any further damage. Luckily I found some toe-tape in my bathroom later, like the good little ex-dancer that I am, so that blister has not given me any more problems! I am hoping to squeeze in one more short run before the long run Sunday. (Short run being three miles and long run being four miles. But you know what I mean.) I will be out of town doing more wedding dress shopping (for my bestie, not for me!) and will have to see what her appointment schedule looks like.


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