Learning to Love Running

13 Nov

The title of my blog comes from a question I have typed into google several (at least four) times: “How do I learn to love running?”

Because the thing is, it’s not so much that I want to run a half marathon as that I want to learn to love running. I am so envious of people who “want” to run. I have never had a desire to run that was strong enough to pull me away from an episode of Revenge. (That show is getting so good!) On the other hand I have definitely felt the “need” to run hanging over my head. Even before I signed up for this half marathon, there were other pressures making me feel a “need” to run. A particularly big meal, anticipation of a particularly big meal, the desire to be a good dog owner, a perfect autumn day. And now that “need” is tied into finishing the half-marathon that I signed up for. I’m not sure if this would be enough, so luckily there is the additional need to not look like a fool on these group long runs.

So I’m not there yet. I’m still learning to love running. My strategy is to just keep doing it. Over and over again until I get good at it or learn to love it. Until then, here is what is keeping me going:

1. Endorphins. I feel so much better after running. That great feeling afterward is not always enough to get me out the door, but boy am I in a better mood if I’ve had a run!

2. Accomplishment. I know you all might get bored of my posts about three miles, but I feel a sense of accomplishment every time I complete that loop. And I know that sense of accomplishment will only increase as my mileage does.

3. Vanity. I’ve put on a few (10) pounds since getting out of school and I would really like to get rid of them. My intense love of terrible-for-you foods (I love Taco Bell with a love that cannot be shaken by calorie content, questionable meat, or surly employees) means that bootcamp hasn’t been enough to make me drop the lbs. If nothing else, that thirty minutes running is thirty minutes that I can’t be stuffing my face with more food!

4. Other runners. I love reading blogs about running. When I read a race recap I think, “Yes! I could do that! Let’s go!” Honestly sometimes that is enough to get me out the door, where I quickly realize that I have a waaaaays to go between 3 miles and 13.1. But once I’m out the door it’s all okay, because I am taking those baby steps to get there.

5. Health. Shouldn’t this have been further up the list? If I’m being honest though, my overall health is something I routinely take for granted.

What keeps you motivated to run?


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