Long Run Jitters?

19 Nov

Today was my second “long run.” As you can see from the quotes, we are still doing the shortish distance of four miles. Last week I wrote that I was very nervous about going on the group long run. Maybe I can blame last week on it being the first one, and me not knowing what I was getting into. This week, though, despite successfully doing the exact same mileage last week (and taking the exact same path, btw), I still had jitters in the hours leading up to leaving to go meet for the long run. I mean, I had butterflies in my stomach about it. I tried to ask myself what was going on to see if I could get to the bottom of it, but I came up with nothing. I then texted my bestie to tell her I was nervous. Her response was. “that’s weird.” 

The nice thing about pre-run jitters? You can run them off! That’s what I’ve decided pre-run jitters are far superior to pre-exam jitters (although my grad school roommate and I did do a few laps of the building before our first exam our first year) or pre-football game watching jitters (I also once ran around the neighborhood before watching a football game because I was so nervous about the outcome). Since my solution to jitters it to run them off, pre-running jitters are the best! 

It turns out I did have a slight reason to be nervous. I got to the meet-up spot about five minutes before we were supposed to start, and everyone had already gone. Last week I got there right on time and there was a pre-run pep talk and lesson in stretching. So today I got out of my car and just took off. Every one was so far ahead of me, I thought, “This is going to be so boring, running back here by myself the whole time.” But I also thought that there was a little bit less pressure, because other people wouldn’t see me falling behind. I was already behind!

It turns out I caught up with a couple of people within the first mile. One of the coaches was bringing up the rear to make sure nobody was left behind. When I told her I got a late start, she commended me for taking my time and not trying to spring to catch up. (Yeah right. The thought of starting off four miles with a spring never crossed my mind!) By the second mile I had passed another clump of people. Then, during mile three, I passed the last small clump I was going to pass, and I was by myself again for the last mile and a half. Catching up/passing people kept me from being bored, and while the last little bit wasn’t so fun, it was the last little bit, so it was over quickly.

It was a beeeeeautiful day to be running. The perfect fall day. With all of the catching up / enjoying the weather, I didn’t even miss having music or my audiobook. I was just happy to be out there running!


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