Scary Night Walk

19 Nov

Today I cross-trained. Thanks Jillian Michaels, for taking care of my trouble zones!


Henry hates being left out of cobra pose. He also hates blurry phone photos, but I could only do so much mid-workout with one arm.

Right now I am in what I think of as the “scary zone” of working out. I’m working out consistently at least once a day, and most days twice-a-day. This means I only have to pay minimal attention to what I’m eating because I am burning so many calories. It also means I feel fantastic all of the time because of the endorphins. 🙂

Sounds awesome, right? So why is this the scary zone? Because it’s at this point that one false move could send me off the wagon. I’ve been here before, and the trouble is that I’m getting so strong and seeing such great results that at some point I will lose the drive that got me here in the first place. I will get busy, or meet a guy, or something unforeseen that I haven’t thought of yet happens, and I will miss one workout, then two and before you know it I’m back to eating whatever I want and not exercising at all.

I think the good news is that this time I have that half marathon hanging over my head for at least the next three months. I bought and paid for entry and training, and if I start getting too lax I will not finish, or embarrass myself, or something. So we will see what happens. I hope this lasts, because right now I am loving it.

Now, about my scary night walk. After getting rid of all of my trouble zones, I decided to take Henry for a short walk around the neighborhood. It was dark and colder than I dressed for, so I decided to take a shortcut home. the shortcut goes behind a nearby store, and there is a dumpster there where all of these stray cats hang out. (This was not the scary part. I am not afraid of these cats. They are like Top Cat.) I noticed that one of the cats was a lot bigger than the others and not moving around as much. I got a little closer and saw that it was (dum dum dummmm) A GIANT OPPOSUM*!! He was just sitting there in the midst of all of those cats, looking super creepy. Rodents should never be that big. I hate hate hate opposums. I wanted to cry, but instead I turned around and ran back to the main road and took the long(er) way home. And now I will have nightmares.

*I spelled it opossum to be grammatically correct. I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it a different way than “possum,” though. I don’t know if this is a southern thing or if the “o” is always silent/left off. I googled it and apparently a “possum” is a completely different animal that always lives in New Guinea and never lives in North America by the stray cat dumpster near my apartment.


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