7 Dec

I took the week off from posting, kind of for my birthday, kind of because nothing exciting was going on run-wise. I skipped my long run for the first time Sunday. I was out of town and just didn’t make it back in time. A more dedicated person would have run those five miles on her own, but I didn’t exercise at all. I did do a spin class the day before. (Oh spin class. How I love to hate you!)

In fact, I accidentally took way too much time off from running. I did get in two short runs this week. One today and one yesterday during my marathon workout day. Soooo as I’ve mentioned before, I have bootcamp five days a week in the mornings. I only made it twice this week because 5:30 is just so very very early in the winter time. Even when the winter time currently feels more like summer time. Then I have my half-marathon training, which aside from this week I have been very dedicated to. And then, for my birthday, my parents gave me the gift of Pure Barre! Yaaaaay!

Yesterday was the first time I was able to make it to a class, even though they gave me my present on Monday. I went to boot camp in the morning, ran at lunch, and then did Pure Barre after work. And then did not make it to boot camp this morning. 

I want to make the most out of my boot camp sessions because I am paying for them. I want to run because I have to get ready for a half marathon. I want to make the most out of Pure Barre because I have a month of unlimited classes. So three a day workouts may become a regularity around here. We will see how things go! The cool thing is that for the most part I am working different muscles at each. Last time I had a month of Pure Barre I did both boot camp and Pure Barre without any problems. At boot camp we do some weight training and some running around. It’s a circuit-style workout. My runs are mostly to build endurance so they are very slow. Pure Barre works the core muscles. So I think as long as I can keep my will power up this is doable! I am excited to see what the results of this month-long workout mania will be!


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