Winter De-motivation

15 Dec

I have had some serious motivation problems when it comes to getting in my boot camp and short run sessions. We’ve had a cold snap lately, and going outside at all just causes me to make whiny noises to myself. I only went to boot camp twice Wednesday and Friday of this past week. Normally, if I’m able to talk myself into going I never regret being there. That was not the case on Wednesday. I was cold from start to finish and I was so unhappy.

I’ve been struggling to get in my short runs as well. My running has been relegated to lunch time, since it is dark every other time of day that I am not at work. I went on one short run this week. I’m going again today, but it’s not ideal for me to go on Saturdays, since Sunday is long-run day. Also, I just looked at our running schedule, and one of our runs is supposed to bump up to forty minutes this week. I will have to be better about making myself do these runs. There were two days this week where I could have gone at lunch and decided not to. One of these days was yesterday, when I decided I didn’t want to mess up my hair during lunch, since I had dinner plans later. 😦 I need to get back on track. This may mean making friends with the treadmill.

My other plan to get back on track is to suck it up and buy some cold-weather workout clothes. Yoga pants and a sweatshirt don’t cut it when it is 35 degrees outside! (All of you who live somewhere where it is actually cold are laughing your heads off that I am whining about above-freezing temps.) I resolved to buy some more workout clothes after my embarrassing incident at Pure Barre this morning. Oh you want to hear about it? Happy to oblige.

Normally to Pure Barre I wear some crop pants and a tank top. This morning, my dark clothes were in the wash, so I pulled on some leggings I bought recently and a tee shirt that did not cover my booty area. (An area I would prefer to keep covered at all times, due to its disproportionate size in comparison to the rest of me.) I had an underwear/no underwear debate with myself and decided underwear was the way to go. When I got to class, I caught sight of myself in a mirror and you could totally see my panty lines. Not only that, when class started, it became apparent that my shrunk-in-the-wash tee shirt was coming up almost to my waistband when I lifted my arms over my head. Pure Barre is a class that involves bending over and generally sticking out your booty from time to time. Luckily I don’t think any of the other participants had much of a chance to check out my rad panty lines, but I’m sure the instructor noticed. So, I will be heading to Target this afternoon in search of thicker pants and longer shirts!

I’ve noticed that I am terrible about including pictures with my posts. I am aware of the problem and promise I will brainstorm on how to add some pizzazz to my posts. In the mean time, here is a gratuitous picture of my dog dressed in a reindeer outfit.

Henry the reindeer!




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