Is This Rain or Sweat?

16 Dec

Today was my second six-mile group long run for the half-marathon training. It was raining. The whole time.


I was wearing an over-sized tee shirt with leggings and by the end I felt like the kid who wears his tee shirt into the pool. I was soaked. We did the same route as last week, and something I had forgotten about my old college campus is that when it rains everything floods. I lost a flipflop my sophomore year of college while crossing the street because a river had formed and my shoe was sucked off of my foot. Today I tried to dodge the puddles as best as I could, but some were just too big to miss, and other sneaky ones were invisible until I stepped in them.

There were only seven of us who showed up for today’s run. (We probably had forty last week.) I wasn’t sure whether we were going to have it or not. I was prepared to keep driving past the meeting spot and slog out my miles on the treadmill, but I saw that the water was set up so I decided to tough out the rain.

With so few people I had no clue how fast or slow I was going. There was a boy in a red shirt that I tried to keep in my line of sight. After the aid station he got pretty far ahead of me. When I got to the aid station I was feeling really good, but then immediately after I started feeling miserable. Nothing hurt, I was just so tired of running in the rain. I think stopping to sip the water made me lose some of the momentum I had up until that point.

The next little bit was a lap around the quadrangle. One lap is 2/3 of a mile (according to the helpful plaques in the sidewalk). I realized at one of the straight-a-ways that I had lost the boy in the red shirt, and that I wasn’t sure I remembered the route I was supposed to take after the lap. So I started sprinting to get him back in my line of vision. Realizing I could sprint after running three and a half miles was like discovering I could whistle or something. I just did not know my legs were capable of doing that. I just kept thinking, “Wow, legs, are you really okay with this right now?” It was a great feeling.

I finally got the boy in the red shirt back in my vision, and then there were these people with large umbrellas between us and I was unreasonably angry with them. I was so mad that those big umbrellas were blocking my view of the red-shirted boy, and I thought, “How dare these people meander in the rain with their large umbrellas blocking my view! Who just goes for a stroll in the rain?!” I knew it was silly to be angry, but I couldn’t help it. I picked up my pace again and sprinted past them. From then on for the rest of the run I would pick up my pace and sprint and then slow back down to my regular slow pace. It just amazed me every time that I could do it. Also I just wanted to be done.

All-in-all this run felt so much better than last week’s. Which is surprising, since the rain made me want to be done before I ever started, and because I missed one or two short runs this week. One thing I noticed last week and this week is a serious lack of endorphins. Shouldn’t I be feeling awesome after six miles? Because I really don’t, and that is a bummer.

Our coach told us it was more important to get to the car and warm up than to stretch out, so I got in my car and headed straight to Pure Barre. I knew that would stretch me out (after working me extra hard). I didn’t know how my legs would do in Pure Barre after running six miles. I may not have put my all into the thigh exercises, but other than that, I felt fine. Oh, and I was also the stinkiest person in the room. I didn’t explain to anybody why I arrived for class completely soaked and smelling like a farm animal.

I came home and made some of this delicious soup for dinner. Soooo yummy. Now I am going to bed early so that I can make it to boot camp in the morning!

How do you feel about running in the rain?

What are your thoughts on back-to-back workouts?


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