Funky Town

20 Dec

Not in a good way. I have been in a slump this past week. I’ve been feeling under the weather and using that as an excuse to eat poorly. I’m pretty sure cake breakfast four days in a row is never excusable, no matter how under the weather someone is feeling. But that’s what I did this week. And I haven’t been working out a lick.

Today was very rainy/stormy/windy, so I skipped my morning work out. Then, I didn’t run at lunch because I thought “I can just do the treadmill later.” A post-work meeting made me miss Pure Barre. I went to the gym at the local country club to run on the treadmill. (Pretty sure I have aged out of benefiting from my parents’ membership, but hardly anyone uses that gym at night, plus it is always unlocked, so that is where I went.)

I flipped the television to a rerun of “How I Met Your Mother” and then proceeded to fail at running. It was hot and my tummy was hurting and I had a sinus headache. My brain was being so whiny! I didn’t have the energy to fight back against all of the complaints, so I slogged out two miles and called it a night. Booooo.

Everyone goes through a little bit of the funk (I hope!) where you don’t want to work out and you want to eat cake and leftover artichoke dip instead of real meals (ok, maybe that part is just me). For me, getting into a funk can turn into a vicious cycle. I didn’t work out, so I don’t eat well, so then I don’t feel like working out, so then I don’t eat well. I pledge to you, dear interwebs, to break that cycle right this instant. Here is how I will go about it:

1. Go to bed at a reasonable hour. My poor eating has left me with a little insomnia problem that then makes me sleep in during what is supposed to be my morning workout.

2. Get out of bed at an unreasonable hour. I MUST make it to bootcamp tomorrow. It’s my last chance of the year. And I ALWAYS feel better after going (except for that one time where it was super cold and I pulled my hamstring doing a burpee).

3. Stop eating cake. Maybe forever. At least for awhile. I’ve had enough this week to feed a child’s well-attended birthday party.

4. Eat more vegetables. I actually have healthy groceries rotting away in my refrigerator because I have been passing them over for the foods that could theoretically last years on my shelf. In short, more fresh, less processed.

5. Stay accountable to you guys. This is supposed to be about my endeavor to get healthy, not about that one time where I tried to get healthy and ended up eating my weight in candy. There will be ups and downs. This is a down. Time to get back up.

What do you do to get out of a slump?


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