Hamstring Issues

23 Dec

I may have mentioned before, but I’ve been having some hamstring issues for the past month or so. I don’t know if I pulled something or if it is just overly sore. I also don’t really know what to do about it. Should I rest it? Or stretch it more? One of my friends at Pure Barre the other day advised that I not engage it when I’m stretching, so I’ve been doing that, but it seems to be getting tighter and tighter. Another friend suggested stretching it really well. For right now, I am not willing to just rest it. I have too much I want to do!

Today at Pure Barre, I was stretching at the end of class, and the instructor came and pushed me down further on my sore hamstring side. I normally love when the instructors give me a little extra push during stretching, but this made me nervous. I probably should have said something, but I just let her do it, and then afterward my hamstring felt great!

Running doesn’t seem to bother it, and Pure Barre doesn’t either, but I can tell that it’s tight when we stretch. It’s boot camp where I’ve had the most problems with it, which is weird. But boot camp is over until January, so maybe it will heal up a little with some rest.

Running + Pure Barre has been hard. The first time I did Pure Barre I was also doing boot camp, and I felt like the two went together really well. Pure Barre fatigues my quads, though, so sometimes running after can feel like I’m running with rocks in my thighs.

The weather was gross today, so I kept putting off running. I couldn’t decide whether to go to the treadmill or wait until tomorrow to get in a run. My last experience on the treadmill was yucky, so I really didn’t want to do that. Plus, I think Henry was getting a little stir crazy. I finally decided to go run outside and chance the rain. After all, I ran six miles in the rain last week, and our coach told us that running in the rain builds character. What if it is raining on the day of the half marathon. Will I just skip it? No!


This is my “afraid of running in the rain” face. Attractive. The good news is, it had pretty much stopped raining by the time I got out there. The bad news is, I had forgotten how scary running in the dark could be. Plus my ipod died, so I cut our run short and only went for about a mile. I was sad, because my legs felt great, and I could have kept going, but I was just too nervous running with nobody around in the pitch black. I am a ‘fraidy cat. I’m glad I got in at least a little bit of cardio for today.

I ate a large cheeseburger and fries at brunch today, so I needed to work some of that off. I was having a morning dream about eating a cheeseburger at brunch, and I didn’t get to finish my dream because my alarm went off. I know this is silly, but my sleepy brain really wanted to go back to sleep and finish that cheeseburger! Instead, I made my dreams come true and had an actual brunch cheeseburger.

Are you afraid of running in the dark?

Have you ever had hamstring troubles? What did you do about it?


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