Christmas Eve!

24 Dec

Happy Christmas Eve! One of my faaavorite days of the year. I had some last minute packing/present wrapping to do. I also finally found a last minute gift for my dad at Target. (Shh. It’s a bocce set.) I headed off to Pure Barre in the morning for a surprisingly well-attended class. One person there even brought their grandmother to watch. The grandmother was adorable, but I’m sure she probably got a little bored. It’s not exactly a Disney parade watching a room full of people squeeze and tuck. (Disney parade was the most entertaining thing I could think of off the top of my head. I would love to watch a Disney parade any day any time.)

I had another procrastination session before making it out for a run. I knew I needed to get in another long run (it’s not exactly on the schedule, but I just felt like I needed one), but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it today. It was extremely warm out! I was in a tank top and shorts and it was hot. Everybody and their grandmother decided it was a good day to hit up my local walking/bike path for some pre-Christmas exercise. It was sort of neat for this time of year. It felt like spring already. (Unfortunately the cold months haven’t even hit yet. I would be totally okay skipping right from fall to spring. I am not someone who needs a white Christmas.)

I got in my three miles and didn’t go any further. Honestly I mostly stopped because 1) I had to pee, and 2) I was pressed for time. Immediately following the run, Henry got a bath, then I got a bath. I hastily packed then headed to my folks’ house to drop off my stuff before hitting up a holiday party then Mass.


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