My Accidental Christmas Long Run

26 Dec

Merry Christmas! I love love love Christmas and have so far made my parents watch three Christmas movies with me. They reciprocated by later making me watch War Horse, which was good, but sad and had nothing to do with Christmas.

Santa was very good to me this year. He brought me some cold weather running essentials, which I immediately (by immediately I mean after lunch, lunch dessert, and two Christmas movies) put to use. If you read my last post you may be confused, since I admitted to running in shorts and a tank top yesterday. We had a pretty drastic weather change, which meant tornado watches all day and the least pleasant weather ever. BUT, I just really felt the need to get my blood pumping after all of the delicious Christmas food.

I tried to wait for a lull in the rain and then set out. This is me pre-run. After five seconds outside, I returned to drop Henry off (he seemed to think I was somehow making the water blow on him in order to torture him — not a happy camper) and grab a baseball cap.

run gear!

I’m sorry this photo looks like it was taken with a disposable camera from the 90s (and is therefore not equal to the usual professional quality photos you find on this blog). I also apologize for the creepy expression on my face. I don’t know why. But isn’t my new pull-over super cute?

Immediately after setting out the sky seemed to open up and start pelting me with large drops of rain. I thought about turning back, but decided to keep going for around two miles and then head back. Well, after around mile 1.5-2.0, I was feeling really great and decided to keep going. (I did not have any sort of watch or gps with me, which is a good thing, because if I had known how far I was going I probably would have turned back long before I did.) I got to the end of the street and the rain had pretty much let up, I was running down hill, the playlist on my ipod was awesome, and I just wanted to keep going. I decided to make a loop back to my parents’ house. Unfortunately, I greatly underestimated how far it would be to loop back the way I had planned to. Also, there were no sidewalks so I was running in the muddy grass on the side of the road for longer than I usually like to. (Amount of time I usually like to spend running in muddy grass = 0.)

After awhile there was some sort of gravelly shoulder that I was able to run on. There was a bit of a hill for awhile, and it was raining off and on, but there was pretty much no going back at that point. And I felt ok, really. The raining hard bits sucked, but the rest of the time I was actually having a good time! Around what I later found out was mile 5, the sky opened up and it was raining SO hard. And the rain itself was hard. I thought it was going to start hailing any minute. The plus side was I seriously picked up my pace. In fact, I was probably running faster than normal for most of the run given the general unpleasantness of the weather.

My ankles started hurting towards the end. I had no clue how far I’d gone. I knew it was farther than three miles, because of the ankle pain and because I think I’m enough used to three miles to know about what it feels like. Generally, though I am terrible at telling distance. I will think I’ve gone five miles and only have actually gone two. Also with the weather being bad, I thought the run probably felt longer than it was.

Of course when I got home, I immediately (after showering, stretching, and pretending like I know how to foam roll) google mapped my run. I ran for 6.3 miles! Which is my longest distance so far. It is definitely my longest distance without a group of people running around me. I felt like a rock star doing all of that in the nastiness!

Now if I could just keep out those worry thoughts that tell me that I have to do that times two and then some in March! Aaah!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas with good food and time with family or friends. Merry Christmas everyone!



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