Keeping Myself Entertained While Running

27 Dec

I’m still on Christmas vacation. Now in sunny Florida! Unfortunately it is cold here, but it is sunny. I went for a little five and a half mile run today. Remember the days I used to dream of saying “I did an easy five miles”?! Those days are finally here, apparently. I am so afraid that my last two runs have just been a fluke and I will go back to finding two miles difficult. But for now, I have really been liking these (to me) longer runs.

Today I set out to do four miles, but I am getting towards the end of my audio book, thank goodness, and the plot is starting to get pretty interesting. I have about thirty minutes left, so I’ll probably finish that up tomorrow, and move on to a more consistently interesting book. My plan was to do four miles, but I didn’t want to stop listening to the book, so I went for an extra 1.5 miles (according to when I mapped it out on Google Maps later). While this is an awesome perk of listening to an audio book while running, there is also a downside. A few sad things happened in the book while I was running and so at some points I was crying quietly to myself while running and listening. I am glad nobody was around to see me, and also that I was wearing sun glasses!

My second motivation has been all of this fattening Christmas food I’ve been eating! I can do a better job of watching my eats at home, but my relatives like to show affection by fixing my favorite dishes for me when I come to visit. So, the food has been awesome, but way more calories than I am used to consuming!

Finally, I have an awesome new playlist on my ipod! Most of these were taken from Shape Magazine’s 50 Best Work Out Songs of 2012. I think the One Direction and MIKA songs were my idea, though. 🙂





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