Zumba + Run + Vacation

28 Dec

Still on vacation. This morning my aunt went with me to Zumba! I was so happy because I can never get anybody to exercise with me! I am always begging my mom to come to boot camp, or my friends to come to Pure Barre, or my dad to go for a run with me and nobody in my life enjoys exercise like I do. So I was super pumped that she was willing to go with me! (She kind of had to, because it’s her gym and she is the only one who knew where it was, what time to be there, and how to get us signed in.) I’ve had some hit or miss experiences with Zumba. It can be fun, but I would never do it as my primary work out. Today was fun. It was nice to get the endorphins flowing so early (um, it was 9:30, so not that early) in the morning.

After Zumba, I didn’t want to waste being already sweaty and smelly, so I went for a lazy run to my grandmother’s house and back — about 4 miles total. There was some walking while I sent a text message or two and tried to download a new audiobook after mine ended. Thank goodness I’ve finally finished Casual Vacancy! Next up — Mindy Kaling’s book. I’m super pumped. I hope it makes me laugh out loud while I am running and passers by think I am a maniac.

Technically I should probably not run tomorrow because Sunday is long run day. Buuut, I’m not positive I will get back home in time to meet up for the long run. I will try, but it will be an early and long trip to get there. So I think I may do another short run tomorrow just in case I can’t make it, and take my rest day Monday.

Vacations are awesome. Today my aunt and I went shopping, then I went to my grandmother’s for dinner. After dinner I made my whole family play cards with me. (I LOVE games, but most games are for at least four people, so I only have enough people around when we visit my aunt and grandmother, as I am an only child.)


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