Poutiest Run Ever

30 Dec

This morning I wanted to go for a run for the sole purpose of listening to my new audio book, Mindy Kaling’s Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me? (P.S. that’s not an affiliate link or anything, I just thought you might be curious about the book I keep mentioning, and Amazon is pretty much my go-to for learning about books. Kind of like Wikipedia is my go-to for when I have a question about anything ever. Which reminds me — I was at my grandma’s house earlier and she had a set of encyclopedia’s from 1995, so I looked up “Pluto” in the P book and laughed to myself about how wrong those 1995ians were about what constitutes a planet.)

Anyway, I also wanted to try out my new arm warmers, but my aunt, who has lived in Florida for the past twenty years, convinced me it was too cold and I needed a sweatshirt and a (borrowed) toboggan instead. So I set out with all of those clothes on and was sweaty in approximately five minutes. Which was about one quarter of my entire run.

It turns out that the audio book did not completely download (I just remembered that it still hasn’t, so I am now plugged up and crossing my fingers that it will work this time), so I got frustrated and just decided to run to the end of the road and back (approximately 1.5 miles), listening to the same old music that has been on my iphone since the dawn of time because my PC and iphone are mortal enemies and hate working together in harmony.

Then, an hour later, I realized that I could have been listening to it after all because while it had not finished downloading, most of it had actually downloaded.

Anyway, it all turns out to be no big, because I am leaving early enough tomorrow to get home for my long run. (Yay/scary!) I have super been missing Henry, so I will be excited to see him!

Here is a pic of my nails. My aunt and I got mani/pedis. I am ready for NYE! Except that I have to work Monday, so I will actually spend NYE going to bed at a reasonable hour, likely while watching a chick flick of my choosing.


P.S. Pedicures are much more rewarding when you have nasty runner feet that need cleaning up and massaging!



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