Treadmills Are Terrible

9 Jan

I ended up leaving work early to go for a run yesterday. Three glorious miles. It was awesome.

Today, I went to Pure Barre and then, because it was dark and rainy, went to the free exercise room I use to run on the treadmill. I shouldn’t complain, because the exercise room is free after all, but it was really terrible.

The first mile was great. I was jamming to my music and had a big smile on my face, which was probably weird to the other five people trying to enjoy their workouts free of such creepiness.

Everything after that was terrible, though. I feel like such a conformist for hating the treadmill so much. It’s something that almost everybody complains about. It was so hot in there! I checked the thermostat when I left just to make sure I wasn’t crazy, and it was set on 72. And there was a lock on it to prevent anyone from turning it down. Why would the workout room powers-that-be do such a thing?! In the hallway outside of the workout room it was a pleasant 68 degrees.

Running on a treadmill takes so much more mental stamina than running outside. When you run outside, you basically have to keep going after a certain point because otherwise you will not get home. On the treadmill, though, you can get off as soon as things get uncomfortable. For me, things got uncomfortable right at the beginning of mile 2. I slogged out another mile and a half and then basically walked the last .5.


Here is a blurry photo of the point in my run when I wanted to punch the machine because I thought it was lying to me about how far I had gone.

I’m pretty disappointed in myself for not just pushing through. I mean, I only had half a mile left. I eat half miles for breakfast! I ran 16 half miles on Sunday! But at the time I just couldn’t make myself go any longer.

It is supposed to rain for the rest of the week. I have a meeting on Sunday (by meeting I mean super awesome food tasting for my friend’s wedding reception), so I will miss the group long run. My plan is to run the long run — 8 miles again — on Saturday outside.

Today’s run made me miss my college rec center, where I had “my” machine right in front of the big fan and the tv that was set to ABC.

Do you have a machine at your gym that is “yours”?

Would you rather run in the rain or on a treadmill?


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