Food Confessions – Part II

10 Jan

So remember when I said I was going to try out paleo-ish eating? I did really well with that . . . for two days. My name is Sarah and I am a carb-o-holic!

The thing is, the food I was eating was really good. I had this awesome soup:



Weirdly it doesn’t look super appetizing in a coffee go-cup. That’s a lie. It still looks delicious to me.

And ate lots and lots of roasted vegetables on top of salads and on top of spaghetti squashes. During both days, though, I had super intense and specific cravings for junk food and cheese.

Day 1 I had to resist the leftover peppermint bark hanging around our office from before Christmas. (I succeeded. My coworker ended up eating the rest finally.)

Day 2 I really wanted artichoke dip with potato chips. (Potato chips don’t even really go with artichoke dip. You need a much sturdier chip or a cracker for that!)

And, on Day 3, I wanted Mexicorn dip. I wanted it so bad and when lunch time came I went to the grocery store, bought the ingredients and a bag of potato chips, and ate it for lunch.

Then, because there were potato chips in the house, for dinner I cobbled together a mayonaissy cheesy spinach dip as a vehicle for more potato chips.

Today is Day 4, and I am back on track. The remainder of the potato chips went into the garbage can. So did the cheese. Yes, that’s wasteful, but if it’s in the house I will only eat it and regret it.

Today I had eggs for breakfast, spaghetti squash for lunch, and a salad with roasted veggies for dinner.

The thing is, all of those potato chips weren’t even that good. All of that salt made my mouth kind of hurt, and as mentioned above, potato chips were not the proper chip for that kind of dip. Also, I felt terrible afterward. All bloaty and dry-mouthed. I could almost feel my face starting to break out from all of the greasiness.

So I am starting anew with clean paleo-ish eating. Which was actually making me feel good, aside from the cravings. How do people do juice cleanses? I can’t even last more than two days eating delicious foods that are good for me.

Do you give in to your food cravings?

Have you ever done a cleanse?


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