8 Miles – Part 2

12 Jan

I was planning on getting in my solo long run and then going to a seminar at Pure Barre about eating/sleeping/living right. Unfortunately I got a late start because I needed to download Disney songs onto my ipod. It took me an hour and a half to run my 8 miles, so I didn’t make it to the seminar.

There isn’t a lot to say about the run. I took Henry with me, and he has been lazing about ever since. I did a lot of googling and it seemed to be okay to take him that far. I go so slow that he didn’t ever have to go much faster than a walk.

Also I misjudged a puddle I tried to jump over and got my leg dirty. Just one.


Around mile 7 I got my usual ankle pain. Luckily it was only on one leg (yay!); unluckily it was slightly more stabby than usual (boo!).

It was hot and muggy and I ended very sweaty and smelly, but nonetheless felt the need to go to the grocery store on my way home. I wanted to apologize to every person that had to walk near me. For the smell.

I went to the store for some frozen butternut squash. Remember my delicious soup from last week? I tried to recreate it for yesterday’s lunch, except without the butternut squash, but with pureed cauliflower and spinach. Basically it was a completely different soup except for the can of tomatoes and the can of coconut milk.

It tasted a little bland, so I wanted to add some butternut squash. It did help. A lot. But unfortunately my solids to liquids ratio was a little off. It had more of the consistency of baby food than soup. Tasty baby food, but still.



So the squash came in a frozen block and the back of the package said that a serving was 40 calories and that there were 4 servings in a package. The fact that I am even reading the back of the package means I am the type of person who is likely to eat the entire package. I think people who choose to eat less than a full package should have to do the math division instead of me having to always do the multiplication. (I’m looking at you, tiny package of Sour Patch kids that is three servings!) I mean, it’s a frozen block of squash. You pretty much have to thaw all of it at the same time!


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