I Can’t Do Things Unless Someone Makes Me

14 Jan

I am the kind of person who needs a class, a coach, or a competitive friend in order to push myself.

That is why I spend almost half of my paycheck on workout classes. I need other people and an instructor to make me actually push myself. Or, in a pinch, an awesome race prep plan prepared by someone else will do.

Yesterday, though, I didn’t need classes because I had running buddies for the first time!

My bff, who doesn’t like to run, led me on a treadmill interval workout. It. was. awesome. The best part was that she did all of the clock watching, so I just got to enjoy my workout. Three miles flew by, and I felt like I could have gone for more.

Then, in the evening, I went back to the same treadmills with a different friend for another two miles. So much fun. I need to live near them so I can have running buddies every day!

I am going to try intervals the next time I have to use the treadmill (which will probably be tomorrow; it has been raining non stop for the past week). I don’t know if it will be the same by myself, but it will definitely be better than the straight running I’ve been trying to do lately.


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