10 Miles

21 Jan

So I missed the group run by 30 minutes, despite the fact that I have been going on the group runs nearly every week for two months. So I drove to go run my dreaded 10-miler and then passed a big group of runners and realized my mistake.

So I went home, grabbed my iphone and the dog and set off to run 10 miles. I had no firm plan as far as route, but I figured that running my usual loop and then running to my parents house would get me fairly close. My plan was to drop off the dog (I thought he might be thirsty) and run the rest by myself.

It was a pleasant day. I started off by cuing up my new audiobook, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” by Jenny Lawson. That got me through the first six miles. By the way, because I didn’t have a route in mind, Henry and I did a lot of side-of-the-road running. At some points the side of the road was not very large and Henry and I had to run single-file. A little after mile six, I realized I was not concentrating at all on what Jenny Larson was saying to me via audiobook, but I knew it was funny and I would be sorry to miss it, so at that point I just switched to music.

I got near my parents’ house at about mile 8. Henry seemed to be doing fine, probably do to the fact that I was jogging so slow he was able to slow-walk beside me and it was completely untiring for him. I also realized that if I tried to drop him off I would never get going again. Basically I ran back and forth in front of their neighborhood for a mile, then actually went into their neighborhood for the last mile.

Their neighborhood does have a little trail. It is at the bottom of a ginormous hill. I ran down the hill and thought, “Oh my gosh, what have I just done.” At that point, some children’s tiny yippy dog decided to make a run for Henry. My tired legs were not prepared for the balancing act that ensued. I also felt bad because these children were obviously trying to wrangle their small escaped dog without any adult help. I ran towards them enough for them to capture their dog, then turned around and ran back up the hill.

It was terrible.

I stumble jogged in circles until my phone said 10 miles. Then I walked to my parents’ house. When I got to their door they were literally walking out the door to head somewhere else. So luckily I caught them. Henry got some water and they made me drink a propel powder something in water.

I felt awesome.



A very slow 10 miles, but I will take them.


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