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IT Band Issues

18 Feb

So I read this blog advice article one time that said to never dwell on why you’ve been MIA from your blog for so long. But we are all painfully aware that this blog could basically be a “what not to do when writing a blog” example, so I am of course going to tell you why I’ve been MIA even though the reason isn’t very good.

A few days after my epic, I-feel-awesome, 10-miler, I went on what was supposed to be a short and easy 5-miler. About three miles in, I started feeling some knee and hip pain. I kept going for another mile to see if it would work itself out. Instead it got worse, so I stopped running and hobbled home after only four miles.

After doing a lot of googling, I realized it was probably an IT band problem. I looked up some stuff, talked to some runner friends and some medically educated friends and decided to just ice it and take off a couple of days. On Sunday, our group run was an easy tempo run in the grass. I went out there, made it about a mile and started feeling pain. I spoke to the coach, who told me it was probably an IT band issue, and he told me to sit out the run, do some stretching, and get back into training in a couple of days. So I walked some, and did some Pure Barre classes pain-free. On Wednesday I tried to run again, and again only made it about a mile before I felt pain.

More icing, resting, and some foam rolling. I tried again Sunday. We were supposed to do 10 miles. I went on a two mile jog with a friend. The first mile was pain-free. The second was¬†excruciating. ¬†More resting, icing, stretching, foam rolling. That Wednesday I tried again only to have the exact same thing happen. At that point (I’m not proud of this) I was so mad that I cried. I just felt so mad at my body for betraying me. Weren’t we having so much fun building up mileage and creating major endorphins? Wasn’t it fun to drop a few pounds while still eating carbs and candy?

I made an appointment with the doctor, who confirmed IT band. I asked him for a steroid shot and was told no. He gave me some exercises and an anti-inflammatory to take. He said that because this is my first half marathon and I’m doing it for fun, I only needed to finish and so he didn’t want to do anything extreme.

I was disappointed. He is the professional, so I will grudgingly take his advice. But I also kind of felt like he didn’t get it. I mean, yes, I’ve been training for the half marathon, but that’s just sort of been the means to an end — the end being me becoming a runner. So I know this injury is super common and all I can do is be gentle on my body and let it heal. I also know that of the injuries runners can get, this is a mild one. It isn’t doing any permanent damage. As someone new to running and very new to injury, I’ve been having trouble not feeling sorry for myself and being sad about the fact that I haven’t been able to run more than three miles in almost a month.

It’s too soon for me to know whether the anti-inflammatory is helping. I’ve been stretching and icing like it is my job, though. I have two weeks before the half marathon. It is looking like the half is going to be a little more slow and painful than I had planned for. This whole thing has kind of taken the wind out of my sails. I’ve also been struggling with not having my usual dose of endorphins. So that is my terrible reasoning for the lack of posting. I’ve helpfully put into one post what might have instead been three weeks worth of self-pity posts. Now that it’s out of my system I will keep you updated on my progress and hopefully not dwell on my pity party.